TrafficWitch has been closed

Due to the inactivity of members and because the costs of the site are now higher than the income it generates, I have decided to close TrafficWitch. Personally I'll be focusing on affiliate marketing from now on, mainly through my new Teamway downlinebuilder. Below you will find different traffic programs, that I've personally tested over the last months. They are the best programs out of over 50 that I've tested.

Best Traffic Programs

Leads Leap - Works much better than the normal Traffic Exchanges, click here

LeasedAdSpace - New program with a unique twist, delivers great traffic, click here

Blast My Ads - You can post your banners, textads and email ads to a network of traffic sites, click here

Herculist - This is truely the most effective safelist out there, click here

ViralURL - The ViralURL mailer works better than others, but you need the upgrade, click here